Lucken Auto Glass

Rock Chips?

Rocks don’t discriminate. Whether you’re driving an older car with 150,000 miles on it or a brand new luxury vehicle, rocks can find their way onto your windshield while you’re driving down the road and then you notice a chip or two in your previously perfect windshield.

When a rock hits your windshield it can unfortunately chip it. Lucken Auto Glass can fix rock chips in your vehicle’s windshield.

Lucken Auto Glass can get rid of rock chips using a professional process whereas a vacuum is created over the damaged area. With air and moisture removed from the area, a Lucken Auto Glass certified technician injects a special resin into the glass, penetrating and filling the finest micro cracks.

Then UV light is used to harden the resin. If the chip (or crack) is larger than the size of a dollar, Lucken Auto Glass recommends replacing the whole windshield with a new one.

Why bother getting a windshield chip repaired as soon as possible? Well, a chip could turn into a crack at a moment’s notice, even while you’re driving the vehicle. And a windshield provides up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength so if you’re in a crash or rollover accident that one little chip could severely compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

It’s best to get little chips repaired before they turn into bigger ones. The structural integrity of your windshield and vehicle are at stake, and you don’t want problems down the road. Let Lucken Auto Glass repair rock chips quickly and efficiently. Lucken’s trained technicians use high quality materials and can typically get the job done the same day you bring your vehicle in for repair. Window chip repair is best done by professionals and the technicians at Lucken Auto Glass have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right so you won’t have to worry after it’s repaired.